Sinaloa Picachos Dam is at 100 percent of its capacity due to rains in recent days (video)


The rains that have fallen in recent days represent a ‘blessing’ for all peoples because with it they supply animals, agriculture and the human factor

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The manager of the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán, Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, said he was satisfied with the recent and copious rains that have fallen in recent days since for that reason the Picachos dam is at the top of its Storage capacity.

“Right now we have very pleasant, very positive data, the Picachos dam is at the top, it is at one hundred percent, we monitor it weekly and the dam is already beginning to open a little more, 30 cubic meters per second because we really have enough water ”, He declared.

The head of the paramunicipal recognized that the rains that have fallen in recent days represent a ‘blessing’ for all the towns because the liquid that falls in these communities is used to supply animals, agriculture, while the water that they store the wells and use it for human consumption.

“We were very dry and I think it will be a very, very good season because July has just ended, the rains have already started and the issue of cyclones has not yet arrived and we have a very pleasant August in rains, all of September and part October and we are doing very well compared to the previous year ”, he said.

Núñez Gutiérrez said that, although it has rained generously, the water service in pipes continues to be provided in communities where people request it, especially for human consumption.

In this sense, he said that reports of drainage leaks have increased so that between 10 and 8 reports are received per day on average because the rains affect them a lot because all the lines are saturated and in this situation, they have to wait for the tide to go down in order to repair said damage.

Source:, TVP Reportajes

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