Despite the Anti-Plastics law, Mazatlán businesses continue to use them


During a tour made by this media it was possible to verify that since there is no one to regulate them, they will continue to trade in single-use plastics

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Waste Law and the Environmental Law, in its regulation that prohibits the sale and distribution of single-use plastics in Sinaloa, has gone unnoticed in the entity since local merchants continue to use them and even promote them openly, without fear of penalties.

Divided into several phases, this legislation added to bags and straws, spoons, glasses, and all kinds of products made with Styrofoam, so that as of August 10, all establishments would be marketing biodegradable alternatives, however, this has not been thus, since during a tour prepared by this means of communication it was possible to verify that since there is no one to regulate them, they will continue to trade in single-use plastics.

In one of the juice and smoothie sale places in the Pino Suárez Market, near a truck stop, they mentioned that everything they use is biodegradable, except for the glasses, since biodegradable ones are more expensive and those made from a single over-the-counter use.

“These glasses are the usual white ones, when we run out of biodegradable ones we buy these because the others are more expensive. Sometimes the same people, those who work here for example, already bring their own glasses and we dispatch them there, but if you are going to buy disposables, they still sell you these (he said, pointing to one of the disposable glasses) “, claimed the tenant who requested that his identity remain anonymous.

Both inside the Market and on Teniente Azueta Street, in the heart of the city center, the stores dedicated to the sale of disposable items continue to sell single-use plastics with the argument that they continue to be sold, displaying the products even on the sidewalk of their premises.

The only formal business that carried out what was mandated by the legislation was one of the Chinese food restaurants located on Aquiles Serdán street, two blocks from the market, who mentioned that because biodegradable products are more expensive, they have begun to raise two or three pesos the cost of take-out food so that in this way the cost of the disposable can be covered.


The Mazatlan Post