COVID patient transfers continue! CP on ‘alert’ for the pandemic in southern Sinaloa


Civil Protection personnel are providing support to sick patients to transfer them to hospitals, they also disinfect the homes of infected people to prevent the virus from spreading further, reported Oscar Osuna Tirado

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Civil Protection in the south of the State remains alert to support the population in the face of the SARS-COV-2 virus pandemic, and what does it do? It provides the transfer service for patients sick with COVID and is disinfecting towns and homes to prevent new infections, declared Oscar Osuna Tirado.

The CP delegate in the southern zone specified that they work in collaboration with the health sector, providing services for the transfer of patients to hospitals in the municipalities of Rosario, Escuinapa, and mainly Mazatlán; in fact, one of the most recent cases was that of a pregnant woman from Villa Unión, who was supported to go to a local hospital.

“In the south of the state, when they send us a report about the Call Center, we immediately reactivate ourselves to transfer the patient to require medical attention wherever it is required”

“… there are days that we have made four transfers, there are days that we do one and others that fortunately we do not do any, but we are very vigilant and attentive to any report that Call Center does not send to activate us and support citizens,” he said.

The state official said that Civil Protection personnel has come to the towns of the Sierra de San Ignacio and Concordia to disinfect homes where the whole family has become ill with coronavirus.


The Mazatlan Post