African-American who died in Mazatlan mysterious fire now being investigated as a murder


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A 68-year-old man lost his life burned inside his home and is now suspected as murder.

It was around 2:30 a.m. on Monday, when neighbors alerted the authorities, where they indicated that the house marked with number 205 on Río Bravo street, between Papagayo and Jesús García of the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood, a house was on fire.

Personnel from the Mazatlán Municipal Civil Protection and Fire Department arrived to attend to the report and control the situation.

The house was completely closed and upon entering, in the room, they found who the neighbors knew as Paul Christopher, an African-American retiree

During the investigation authorities discovered the victims Volvo was missing and put out a notice to the public to help find its whereabouts.

They ask for the collaboration of the community to locate a 2007 gray Volvo XC90 type suv, with Sinaloa license plates.

The unit in question was stolen in the early hours of Monday, from a house located on Río Bravo street in the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood.

Any information in this regard, please contact the police as they indicate that it is very important to locate it.

An anonymous tip led police to find the missing Volvo on Río Amazonas street, between Río Ometepec and Acaponeta. Municipal Police officers arrived at the site for their corresponding investigation

The Volvo Suv has been confirmed as the one missing to the African American know as Paúl Christopher.

Municipal Police attended the anonymous report and it was they who followed up with other corporations
Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The report was anonymous, where they indicate that on Río Amazonas street, between Río Ometepec and Acaponeta, in the Pradera Dorada development 7 subdivision, there was the gray Volvo that they were looking for on social networks.

Police arrived at the aforementioned points and carried out the corresponding investigations and, in turn, verified via radio communication the series of the truck, which gave the expected information, indicating that the car belongs to Paul Christopher “N”,

The place remains cordoned off with a yellow band, awaiting the prosecution staff, in charge of carrying out the corresponding investigations.