Culiacan young woman injected vaccinated with an empty syringe


The young woman initially indicated that she feared that they would inject her with a used syringe, later she clarified that the Health personnel did not load the dose; later they immunize her as it should be

Sinaloa. – Several hours of tensiondoubts and remarks resulted in the video that a young woman from Culiacán published on her social networks when she was vaccinated against COVID-19

The process went as indicated according to the care protocol and the girl took the opportunity to record, like many, the historical moment of receiving her first dose corresponding to the group of 20 years and over; but something did not beat when the nurse exclaimed a “OPPS”, which left the young woman wondering. 

When he watched the video and after his friends began to send him messages, he realized that the syringe was empty, so his first impression was to think that they had inoculated it with a used device.

In a later video, she narrates that he waited for an answer while his arm bled slightly and no one said anything to him; later the health personnel returned and indicated that it was not a used syringe but that it had not been loaded. 

“An incident happened to me, girl, what happens is that the syringe was not ready and this is the one with the dose, and if she taught me and I put more life into it; I uncovered my arm and took the dose; I never uploaded the video to blame the girl, nothing, not even the case; not to attract attention or make me famous, “he said. 

She also stressed that the intention of uploading the video was not to affect anyone just to indicate what happened, but with the response of the nurses and having vaccinated her “as it should be” she remained calm with the process. 

“They have spoken to me to do interviews I have not wanted, the same thing I said here is what it is, the intention is that they review well, one goes to the extremes says that syringe was used and whoever happens will say the same, but I did not do it with the intention of damaging or preventing them from getting the vaccine, I put it on and I’m fine, “she added. 

She regretted that many people have made the fuss bigger without finishing seeing her story, which I think could happen to anyone and, like her, react in the same way.

Fortunately, it was not a used syringe and the health personnel immediately recognized that the device was not loaded, so they immediately corrected and the dose of vaccine for the 24-year-old girl was applied correctly.

This is the second part of the video that the young woman published on her Facebook account, click on this link and check it out


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