Mazatlan Catamarans are still operating but only at 40 percent


They have a capacity of 250 people and are currently only allowing to go up from 100 to 120

Because in Sinaloa we are on a red light due to COVID, currently the establishments can only have a capacity of 45 percent, a measure that the catamarans managers also decided to implement.

Since they began taking walks while in a pandemic, the quota they allowed was 50 percent, but they decided to reduce it to 40 because for these workers it is more important to avoid infections than to increase their earnings.

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To be able to get on the catamarans, the staff demands the use of face masks and if they do not comply with the order, they are not allowed to make the trip and will be refunded ticket purchase.

A tourist promoter of Catamaran Playa Sur expressed that for them it is preferable to lose a client than to be fined or suspended for not complying with sanitary measures.


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