“Young people from the rural area of ​​Mazatlán visit the port and take COVID to their villages”


The Directorate of Evaluation and Rural Link reports infections in Aguaje de Costilla, and in other communities, because young people do not take care of themselves and are taking the virus to their homes in rural areas, for which the towns of Mazatlán will begin to be disinfected

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As a preventive action now that Sinaloa is in red due to the high number of cases of COVID-19, the Directorate of Evaluation and Rural Liaison requested the support of Civil Protection to disinfect all recreational and sports areas, restaurants, and squares of the police stations and syndicates of Mazatlán, declared Jesús Antonio Ramírez Patiño.

Because COVID cases are already beginning to be reported in the community of Aguaje de Costilla and among other towns. All because young people, according to the head of the area, are not paying attention and visit the city and from where they take the virus to their homes or with their relatives in the rural area.

“Sanitation in all places and not just where there is a restaurant, in all places the Civil Protection elements will go to sanitize because we have to take care of ourselves and the population. Right now where it is seen more is in young people, than in adults and what we want to take care of is now young people, but they do not understand ”, he said.

The official said that right now he has the report of two people sick with COVID-19 in Aguaje de Costilla and does not rule out that in Vainillo, as well as in other towns, there are more infected because this pandemic is everywhere and the best that you can di is taking care of yourself, wearing the mask, keeping a healthy distance and constantly washing your hands.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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