Escuinapa-style golden shrimp tacos arrive in Mazatlan


You no longer need to leave the port to go in search of the rich flavor of the crispy scraped tortilla

From Escuinapa to Mazatlán, the famous golden shrimp tacos arrive, without the need to go to La Perla Camaronea to savor its rich flavor.

Felipe Morón, the seller of the “Don Piri” Shrimp Tacos, tells us that the secret of its flavor is the preparation of the shredded corn tortilla, with that crunchy flavor that it leaves you when you taste them.

The preparation of the shrimp taco is lettuce, purple onion, striped carrot, lemon, and its traditional Escuinapa sauce.
They can be ordered on a plate or even in a glass so that you can eat more calmly on the way.

Shrimp Tacos “Don Piri” can be found at different locations, in Real del Valle, Libramiento II, La Marina, and outside the Issste Clinic.

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