Sam’s Club brings Scan & Go technology to Mexico


Enjoy yourself at your closest Club and say goodbye to the lines with this new technology that improves the shopping experience.

Being at the forefront is something that every business should keep in mind. Sam’s Club understands this and that is why it is the first retail in Mexico to implement Scan & Go in all its physical stores. Learn about this new technology that will allow you to save valuable time when shopping.

Scan & Go It is the ideal alternative to make your purchases quickly at Sam’s Club and without contact with other people. Thanks to its easy and innovative way of working, you can enjoy your favorite brands and presentations at incredible prices without queuing.

How does the Scan & Go work?

Your purchases will never be the same again. Have your smartphone at hand and say goodbye to the lines by following these steps:

1. Become a Sam’s Club Member at this link.

2. Download the app on your smartphone.

3. Find your favorite items in the Club, locate their barcodes and scan them.

4. Pay from your smartphone through the app.

5. Show your smartphone screen at check-out for an Associate to verify your purchases and that’s it. That’s all!

Sam’s Club is interested in guaranteeing security to its users, so don’t worry about your bank details, they are safe with the app’s anti-fraud system and with the login through password and biometric data. In addition, being a Member you have the freedom at all times to edit your bank details from your profile.

For greater security in digital purchases, remember not to share your bank details and password with anyone or accept the options offered by browsers to save your information; change it periodically, and that way you will always be safer.

Shop at the speed of light – get in, scan, and get out! Take the opportunity to be one of the first to be part of this transformation in the way you shop.

Technology is an investment with which Sam’s Club celebrates its 30th anniversary in Mexico and which it trusts to make the shopping experience of its Members something very special, different and especially useful to save valuable time from day to day.

Enjoy being a Sam’s Club Member and experience the Scan & Go revolution with your own hands!


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