Mazatlan municipal public services have 31 workers positive for Covid


The head of the management mentioned that the possibility of hiring new staff is being sought

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga, Director of Municipal Public Services, declared that 31 workers have been confirmed at his address who have tested positive for Covid-19; 15 belonging to urban cleaning and 13 in parks and gardens.

He mentioned that at first it was speculated that there were 3 and 2 cases respectively, however it was confirmed that there are more workers, totaling 31, who are in isolation at home.

“Previously we had 3 and 2, now I can tell you that we have confirmed 15 in urban cleaning and about 13 in parks and gardens. They confirmed it to me on Friday,” he said.

“Until now they are not having complications, they have been treated on time (…) They are sheltered in their homes, from the knowledge that I have is that they are not serious,” the official thanked.

Morales Lizárraga commented that strategies are already being sought to solve the amount of work that will be accumulated due to the demand for the service, considering the possibility of hiring new personnel.

“Of course, it does affect us because we do not have such vast and surplus personnel, but it is an issue that the mayor is very concerned about and we are going to take strategies (…) That is one of the alternatives, to hire and have people willing to get the job done “, he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post