The Delta variant puts Sinaloa on high alert for Covid


Sinaloa is the only state in red at the epidemiological traffic light in all of Mexico

Sinaloa.- The increase in cases of active patients due to coronavirus has put Sinaloa on maximum alert: it is the only state in Mexico that is in red.

Today the record for the maximum cases registered in a single day was broken again, with a total of 675 new cases.

The total number of new cases that were registered throughout this week was 2,918, which represents 71.93 percent of the total active cases in the entire state, a figure that currently reaches 4,058 cases.

In a single week, Sinaloa exponentially multiplied its number of active cases, which cost it to go to the red at the epidemiological traffic light of the Ministry of Health as of Monday, July 19.

This after it had been in green for a month in the electoral period that was recently lived and after the arrival of the Delta variant, of which the first registration was had during the month of May, according to information from the Secretariat State Health.


The Mazatlan Post