Alcohol Ban “Ley Seca” returns to Sinaloa “Fake News”


In some social media groups, a note from April 2020 has begun to circulate, when Governor Quirino Ordaz reported on the ban; at the moment there is no Prohibition in place

Mazatlan. In the last hours and after Sinaloa returned to the red COVID-19 traffic light, a piece of old information from Línea Directa, but from April 2020, began to circulate in groups and social networks.

That information warned about the cancellation of parties and meetings due to the incidence of infections, which was confirmed by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel through a video.

However, and despite the fact that the rebound in COVID-19 has been registered in recent days, so far there is no alert about the ban on the sale of intoxicating beverages as happened a year three months ago.

This is the note published in April 2020 and of which some people only took the headline, but not the publication date

So if this information reaches your networks or via WhatsApp, ignore it since it is old information that does not correspond to any official and current message by state authorities.

Fake Alert we have detected that this information is circulating in conversation groups and social networks, IT IS FALSE. We warn you so that you are not surprised


The Mazatlan Post