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Mazatlán is one of the most visited and with fewer cases of Covid than other municipalities says Mayor

The port continues to register much fewer cases of Covid-19 than other cities such as Culiacán, which are not touristy

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that Mazatlán has 10 times more people for being a tourist, it registers much fewer cases due to Covid-19 than Culiacán and other municipalities, acknowledged the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“The results are beginning to be seen, compare them with Culiacán, check with Culiacán and other municipalities and here we have 10 times more people than there,” he added.

Regarding the supposed ‘pull of the ears’ that he would give his officials for not doing their job well, he commented that yesterday he held a meeting with those involved and the results are beginning to be seen in the case of a drop in the infection rate.

The Ministry of Health of Sinaloa yesterday reported 498 new cases of Covid19, of which 391 were for Culiacán, 59 for Ahome, 25 for Mazatlán and 19 for Guasave, being the municipalities that presented the most cases.

In the global list of active patients due to Coronavirus, the four municipalities with the most cases continue to top the list, Culiacán with 1,639 cases, Mazatlán with 374, followed by Ahome with 311 and Rosario with 107 cases, all until yesterday.

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