Mazatlan catamarans, yachts, and boats forget about covid protocols


Meanwhile, some hospitals in the city seem saturated with people who are victims of this terrible disease that has revolutionized the world today.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As if the Covid-19 pandemic did not exist for business owners of catamarans, yachts, or boats, every day, shortly after 12:00 hours, these tourist boats are seen sail the blue waters of the Pacific Sea.

This in front of the Mazatlan bay offering tours without the most minimal protection measures such as keeping a healthy distance and the use of a mask.

Siguen catamaranes en crisis por Covid-19 - El Sol de Mazatlán | Noticias  Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el Mundo

Informative Reaction toured two of the docks from where more departures register these ‘tours’ that take the visitor to different entertainment and tourist points of Mazatlan, call it Isla de la Piedra, a visit to one of the Three Islands of the port or, the complete route through the navigation channel.

In the case of the catamarans that depart from the Harbor Master’s Office, towards some route they are cheaper, however in the promotion that goes from 400 to 800 pesos per person, they do not stop offering food and an open bar of their beer. preference.

The party that is lived onboard is visible from some docks in the case of the La Marina piers, where without any restriction hours, it is 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. and you can still see these parties at sea.

Port Captaincy staff washed their hands about the regulation of these attractions and blamed the municipal Civil Protection of being the ones who would have to ‘put the owners of these boats on the line’, since it is a matter that belongs to the municipality.

“Well, look, it is there Civil Protection is the one that sends officers to comply with the sanitation regulations with the people who carry there on board and according to the color of the traffic light, because they are what have the capacity,” said Officer López.

It was said that more than 30 companies offer these ‘all-inclusive’ packages, minus the prevention protocols for the virus that in Mexico has already killed, according to figures from the Ministry of Health, more than 250 thousand people.


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