Delta already represents 16% of the almost 3,000 active cases of COVID-19 in Sinaloa


Until July 18 it will be known if Sinaloa changes color at the epidemiological traffic light that until today, despite the increase in COVID-19 cases, remains in yellow, said the Secretary of Health in the state, Efrén Encinas

Interviewed during a supervision tour made by the Secretary of Health in the State to the vaccination point of the Constitution Park, he affirmed that the increase in infections is due to the relaxation of sanitary measures, to the Delta variant where 16 percent of the new cases present this variant.

“What we have right now and the Delta that has arrived and that is influencing this, has certainly influenced by the density of the population, by the mobilization that Sinaloa has of everything at the national level,” he explained.

Encinas Torres stressed that in Sinaloa the date is still pending for those between 18 and 20 years old and that in the case of Badiraguato it was an authorized exception only for the inhabitants of the highlands.

He pointed out that most of the infections range from 18 to 40 years of age, so if one advances in this age range, it is expected that in two weeks they will generate antibodies, which would help reduce cases in mid-August. .

In addition, there is confidence that the governor will have a good response to the request he made to the President for 500,000 vaccines to arrive and then expand the range of application to younger people.

Finally, the Secretary of Health stressed that more than 20 thousand doses of vaccines are applied per day at different points throughout the state where there is also a good response from citizens in going out to apply the biological against COVID-19 .


The Mazatlan Post