Mazatlan: Due to rains, residents of Real del Valle live in panic


With the first rain of the season, a perimeter fence fell in Coto 17 and neighbors fear greater damage

Mazatlán, Sin.- Neighbors on San Damián Street, in Real Del Valle’s Preserve 17, demand that the construction company responsible for the La Pedrera subdivision repair damage to their homes, since last week’s rains collapsed a fence perimeter, due to the weakness of the terrain due to the explosions with dynamite that were carried out last March.

The residents of more than 30 homes live in fear of greater damage, especially in this rainy season, as they assure that they live in a constant earthquake, as the work continues

And it is that on March 6, 2021, the construction company dynamited a hill that on its slopes had houses belonging to the Real del Valle subdivision, leaving multiple damages to the houses.

They stated that if they do not manage to rebuild the damage their homes have suffered, as well as the agreements that were agreed with the builders to prevent their properties from being damaged, they will take legal action and reach the last consequences, so that said agreements are respected.

Carlos, a neighbor of the subdivision, reported that the construction company developing the complex is supposedly called Cronos and its director, apparently, is a brother of the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

The affected said that approximately 30 homes on San Damián Street have already suffered severe damage to the structure, from the collapse of a fence to losing household items, this rainy season.

“The street construction works began and from then on we began to suffer the consequences of the movements of their machinery. We went before them, we claimed that the vibrations of these types of movements were reverberating on this side of the preserve, they came and diagnosed that the damage that our houses were suffering was a consequence of the construction company that built them, they washed their hands, demarcated and they left without doing anything, “he said.

José, the owner of a house located in San Damián 5637, pointed out that the fence collapsed, putting the life of his family at risk, in addition to causing damage only to his furniture for 120 thousand pesos

There are several damages that the houses have suffered. 

“Until Sunday they put part of the retaining wall and we were at the expense all week that if it rained the hill would come, fortunately, they already put a part, but we still run the risk of it collapsing, some houses are already propped up, they continue to work as normal way, they haven’t stopped at all, “he explained

Meanwhile, a neighbor reiterated that to date there is no one who has assessed the constructions as such, apparently only the walls are cracked, but there may be greater damages.

“Everyday vibrations are felt and that for me is a high risk, the fence is already on its side, the hammering that is heard all day is constant movements, we have an earthquake every day and with those vibrations, this will end by collapse and that puts us at high risk, “he concluded.


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