Reservations are almost full at Mazatlan hotels


Hotels in Mazatlán maintain occupancy levels of 70% on the weekend and expect to reach 80% by July and August

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A few days after officially start the holiday period of summerMazatlan and online reservation systems have Mazatlan on top reservation request.

The capacity of the accommodation establishments, according to what the Covid marks, is 85%, and authorities will ensure that tourists respect the healthy distance, businesses operate sanitary filters and everyone does their part to avoid increasing the number of infections of the virus.

The president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, said that hotels in Mazatlán maintain average occupancy levels of 55% from Monday to Thursday and 70% on weekends and expect to reach 75 to 80% in summer.

“Mazatlan registered hotel occupancy during the past weekend of 70%, a trend that will continue for at least the next two months with the arrival of hundreds of national tourists,” he said.

Manguart Sánchez highlighted the importance of continuing to take care of health protocols both inside the accommodation centers and in the different tourist spots of the city to prevent the number of infections from Covid from increasing.

“In the matter of health, privilege that situation, we are respectful and abide by what has to be observed, we continue with forecasting protocols established by the authorities and from there we have not left, we remain attached to them,” he said.

The hotel leader added that the sector focuses both on sanitary protocols and on monitoring the meteorological phenomenon that has left heavy rains in the port, and that if it represents a threat, other measures should be reinforced within the accommodation establishments. for the protection of guests.


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