Beach traffic light returns and use of anti-COVID-19 drones in Mazatlán


They will adjust sanitary and preventive measures in the port before the increase in the chain of contagion of the coronavirus

Mazatlán, Sin. _ Starting this Sunday, Mazatlán applies the beach traffic light and the use of drones to determine the temperature of people and the capacity in the spaces of bathers and tourists who come to avoid greater crowds and the chain of COVID contagion grows even more, announced Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The mayor of Mazatlán indicated that the night traffic light will also return with more force in bars, clubs and restaurants, in addition to the review in the hotels of the port, after the number of cases of coronavirus infections increased markedly in recent weeks, and more so now that this site is visited by visitors before the start of the summer vacation period.

“Look Mazatlán is full as never before, you can see it, we are working more than a hundred, visiting hotels, restaurants, clubs, all places, we are going to implement again the system that was used at Easter, we started the day of tomorrow, with the drone system to protect the tourist, the tourist comes relaxed, he does not want to know about COVID anymore, but it is a reality ”.

Benítez Torres said that they have never stopped supervising public places and that they comply with the sanitary filters, but after they increased significantly, for this reason they will apply the same measure that was done at Easter, since tourists arrive very relaxed and, in some hotels, found that they weren’t taking their share of the care.

The mayor of Buenos Aires supported the concern of hotel businessmen and that of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel himself to provide COVID vaccination to tourist service workers in the face of the notorious demand of visitors for this summer vacation period and this helps them protect themselves.


The Mazatlan Post