Mazatlan vertical development creates mobility problems


Mazatlán requires urgent measures before the boom of towers, condominiums and buildings

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The problem of vertical developments in this tourist destination is not public services or urban infrastructure, but mobility, said the president of the Mazatlán College of Architects, Gerónimo Salas Lizárraga.

“In the city of Mazatlán, in recent years we have grown like never before, we have had many mobility problems, the subject of which is already being worked on in all the schools in the city, more than anything at the time of making these vertical constructions they come many times the mobility problems that the city goes through”, he expressed.

He said that this matter has already been discussed with the municipal authorities of Planning and Jumapam, and that there is political will to take measures and resolve it.

Mobility problems have to do with the movement and travel time of people and goods in a city, which is complicated by road congestion, transport saturation, lack of parking, traffic events, insecurity, among others.

The government is already aware and there is political will, as well as the municipal schools and associations to work on it.

salas Lizárraga

With regard to urban infrastructure and services, he said that until two months ago, another problem that the port had was that of insufficient water, given the demand that vertical urban growth required; However, with the opening of the Miravalles water treatment plant, this issue ceased to be a difficulty.

He even commented that according to information provided by the manager of Jumapam, Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, the Miravalles plant guarantees the supply of water within 20 years.

“Yes, vertical construction is an option for Mazatlán, it is what comes in all the cities of the country and internationally, this is how it is being treated, the cities are growing vertically,” he said.

Salas Lizárraga added that last Thursday a workshop was held with directors responsible for works, where precisely the issues related to vertical urban development were discussed, including the mobility problem caused by this type of buildings and urban infrastructure and services.

It was there that the Jumapam manager assured that all public services are fully covered when issuing a construction permit, since the first thing that is requested is a feasibility study.

And with the operation of the Miravalles water treatment plant, the water resource is guaranteed in 20 years.


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