CAPTA protects tourists and Expats in Mazatlán


The director of this organization “Astrid Macías Fregoso” assured that the measures against Covid-19 have not been relaxed

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Center for Care and Protection of the Economy (CATCH) works constantly on the protection of visitors arriving at the port, especially as related to the Covid-19.

The director of CAPTA explained that tourists are safe during their stay in the city and that in this dependency they always find the support they need.

Mazatlán is maintained with tourism, you see it every weekend, nothing has dropped, everything has been maintained with its protocols and measures, ” she explained.

Currently, CAPTA promotes tools that help tourists to be better informed and to take their precautions, also in all security measures.

“We are promoting the MZT Tourist app in hotels, at the airport, at strategic points, we have a socialization campaign because we could not do it due to the electoral ban, it is one of the main promotional strategies,” he explained.

In the weekends of recent months, Mazatlán has registered a large influx of national tourists. For the summer vacation period, a hotel occupancy of 95% is estimated, mainly from Thursday to Sunday.

Tourism authorities hope that the influx of visitors will leave an economic spill of 3.5 billion pesos throughout Sinaloa in the summer.

In this tool, which is already available in the Spanish and English languages, it will be possible to locate and identify all the establishments such as hotels, restaurants and means of transport that have official health marks, as well as to know the official provisions that implementing on beaches in the new normal.

You can also speak directly through the 911 number, to the different police and rescue corporations, as well as other services to provide a better stay in the port.

Astrid Macías provided a brief explanation of the information contained in the application, where you can search for information on places that already have their health badges.

“You can see the different hotels that are in this section, as well as the places of interest for tourists, they can be found in alphabetical order, you can access emergencies through C-2, you can communicate to the Ministry of Public Safety to report any incident, while in the option of road incidence, car accidents and any incident related to roads may be reported, “she explained.

Avanza Centro de Atención y Protección al Turista en Mazatlán (CAPTA)-  Mazatlán Interactivo


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