AMLO disdain for the middle class in Mexico’s democratic development


President López Obrador highlighted the role of the middle and business classes for the democratic development of Mexico.

The Middle-class aspirations (sic), selfish and with the desire to succeed at all costs.” This is how the President of the Republic defined the middle classes in some areas of the country, who did not vote for Morena last Sunday.

In contrast, he noted, the townspeople, who now receive more money from the budget, realized that another Mexico is possible, and they voted for Morena.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that Mexico is an example for the world of governance in plurality and honesty and thanks to the participation of the most humble people.

The president reproached the middle class of Mexico City for being influenced by the conservative discourse that only tries to discredit his government.

This statement came after Morena lost control of 6 mayors in the last election.

Lilly Téllez asks AMLO to apologize for criticizing the middle class

In a message that was uploaded to Twitter, the now PAN legislator demanded that the president offer an apology to the sector of the middle class with aspirations to grow and who censure their proclivity by promoting political patronage.

“President AMLO must offer an apology for insulting citizens who have aspirations, studies, criteria, religion and who disapprove of the patronage of his government.

The new onslaught of Senator Téllez comes after last Friday, June 11, during his morning conference, López Obrador attacked the middle class of Mexico for having “aspirational” attitudes that seek “to triumph at all costs”, in reference to the preliminary results of the elections in Mexico City (CDMX).

Last Saturday the senator published another tweet in which she pointed out that “AMLO maintains himself in ignorance and poverty, that is why he multiplies them.” 

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