Mazatlan public transport drivers fined for not using a facemask


The inspectors of the Roads and Transportation delegation in Mazatlán apply between 40 to 50 sanctions a week to public service drivers such as pulmonia drivers, taxi drivers, and urban transport for not wearing face masks

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For not respecting the health protocols in the use of face masks, the inspectors of the Roads and Transportation delegation in Mazatlán apply between 40 to 50 sanctions a week to public service drivers in their different modalities in the town declared José Vallejo Carrillo.  

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán clarified that the purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of complying with the protocols to prevent active cases of the SARS-COV-2 virus from rising in the municipality.   

“We in terms of public transport drivers; lung drivers, aurígeros, taxi drivers and urban transport we have been applying sanctions for the lack of use of face masks in some cases … look, on average per week there are about 40, from 40 to 50 sanctions to the different modalities ”, he indicated.  

Vallejo Carrillo specified that where they have applied sanctions the most is drivers of aurigas and pulmonias, and they, he said, are the ones who should take care of themselves the most because they provide the service to hundreds of tourists who visit the destination every weekend.  


The Mazatlan Post