Inauguration of the first Infoagro Exhibition Mazatlán 2021


The president of the organizing committee, Rodrigo González, highlighted the importance of innovating to open doors in the European Union and that Sinaloa producers benefit from it.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Infoagro Exhibition Mazatlán 2021 was born in the southeast of Spain, in the city of Armería, and since then it has grown exponentially to promote agricultural activity with new technologies that allow improving the conditions of farmers.

In the opening act of the event, held for the first time outside the European continent, Rodrigo González Márquez, president of the organizing committee, said that this event will be a bridge between the Latin American country and the European Union to access markets of 500 million people.

“With the creation of Infoagro Exhibition Mexico, our intention is to build a bridge between Mexico and Europe through this expo, so that Mexican producers can access a market of 500 million people such as Europe.”

Although this year there is a large participation of producers, they estimate that in future editions, which are expected to also be in Mazatlán, there will be greater participation that allows farmers to learn about mechanisms and innovations to provide quality food.

Javier Lizárraga Mercado, head of the Ministry of Economy mentioned that Sinaloa is an important reference at the national level in primary production, with a total of thirteen percent of production at the national level per year, which makes it the breadbasket of Mexico, one of the main agricultural exporters and as the most important entity in fish production.

“Sinaloa has thirteen percent in the primary sector, therefore we continue to be an eminently primary state, very powerful, very powerful, where we have already taken the first places in many concepts.”

Óscar Martínez Jiménez, director of Infoagro Exhibition México, specified that it seeks to create a strong and innovative sector of companies with the possibility of increasing the profitability of crops, so he hopes that these days will serve producers to take advantage of the knowledge they will impart the specialists.

The head of the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock of Sinaloa, José Jeovan Rosas Corrales stressed that in the entity, 300 thousand jobs depend on the sector and 77 percent of the production is exported to the United States, so events like this , open the door for Sinaloan products to reach European countries.

“With these hard data and with this window of opportunity for the European market, we can think that our producers from Sinaloa who are of high quality, who are open to innovation, who are open to technology can access those markets.”

He invited to make the most of the business meetings, where farmers will have the support of the state government to achieve compliance with the specifications required by Europe on the subject of exports so that this is finally reflected in a direct link and the economy of Sinaloa producers.

At the inaugural ribbon cutting of the three days of Infoagro Exhibition Mazatlán 2021, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros and Luis Terán Tirado, from Sedectur, were also present on behalf of the mayor of Mazatlán.


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