Mazatlan road paving, a promise that was forgotten in the Juárez neighborhood


Inhabitants of Mutualismo Street report sewers in poor condition and a large water leak that comes from the Military Barracks

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Since 2018, the residents of Mutualismo Street, in the Benito Juárez neighborhood, have been promised to pave the road, which is one of the few in the neighborhood that is still completely unpaved.

The work began, but did not have continuity. The machinery only “scraped” the street to make it even , however, when they left the job halfway , now the settlers complain that the sidewalks were high, in addition to that they have constantly had problems with the drainage.

The neighbors have a lot of problems with the drainage. 

“In this street, there are often spills of black and drinkable water. They started it, scraped a lot and did not finish, they left the high sidewalks, almost two years later,” said Mrs. María.

José reports that there is a sewer that has been in poor condition for almost a year and despite the reports, the authorities do not come to repair it.

“This easy sewer is a year old and no one has come from Jumapam, or to take photos. All this is overflowing here because it is covered, as everything is already rotten and the time comes when they overflow,” he said.

Another problem is the water supply, during the day there is a shortage and at dawn they have to fill cans or get up early to get to wash.

“Here all the time there has been a problem with the water, they say that it is high, but I say that the fifth because it leaves at 8:00 in the morning and returns until night, you have to walk at dawn grabbing water to be able to have some “, mentioned a neighbor.

In front of Doña Tomasa’s house runs a large pool of clean water; She indicates that they are leaking from the Military Barracks, which is behind her home, and what worries her is that the water is spilling into her home.

“It comes from the soldiers because there I don’t even have water in the house, it comes from the hill, it passes underneath and here everything is getting wet, it has already been reported to the Jumapam and they don’t say anything, nor have they come either,” she said.


The Mazatlan Post