Mazatlan hotels already have reservations for 2022


Guillermo Romero revealed that various lodging centers register sections for Carnival and Easter

Mazatlán, Sin.- Despite the pandemic, Mazatlán already has hotel reservations for 2022, said Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

The president of the Hotel Commission of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce revealed that some of the port’s accommodation centers begin to have their sections for Carnival and Easter that year.

Vacationers trust Mazatlán

He commented that despite the fact that the hoteliers themselves have had to promote the port with their own resources, the influx of visitors to Mazatlán has been beneficial, registering up to 72% occupancy just last week.

“The destination is really going very well, May has come out strong, we see a lot of tourism with very good occupancy levels, we had 72% occupancy at the weekend. The promotions are good, but the hoteliers are mainly going out to sell the destination”, He said.

He explained that thanks to the virtual modality of basic education, families that previously could not go on vacation due to face-to-face classes, today can visit destinations such as Mazatlán, perceiving a tourist influx during the week and not only on weekends.

Romero Rodríguez stressed that as long as they do not return to face-to-face classes, they will continue to benefit, thus recovering the influx that was lost during confinement.

“The news is that until now he has reservations for Holy Week, Easter next year, until February there are reservations; February March and April, so this already tells you that it is a very consolidated destination that has worked a lot on the issue of the pandemic, on protocols, on health signs and today tourism comes and reflects it in person ”, concluded.


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