Thousands of Mazatlecos attend the closing of the campaign of ‘the chemist’ Benítez and Rocha Moya


The venues were insufficient to accommodate dozens of supporters who gathered from all sectors of the city

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A massive and successful closing of the campaign in Mazatlán, had the common candidates for the Morena-PAS parties to the Government of Sinaloa and the Municipal Presidency, Rubén Rocha Moya and Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, respectively.

Hundreds of people became a true human river and little by little they were coming to fill the Avenida de Los Deportes, from different sectors of the city, to listen to the proposals of their candidates in their last message in one of the most important municipalities of Sinaloa.

The contestants of the Fourth Transformation arrived at the aforementioned place, just as the clock struck 7:00 p.m., each with their entourage of companions who were immediately approached by their followers to greet them, accompany them on their tour of the place, or take a photo

Before the euphoric shouts of supporters and cheerleaders who waved the flag of PAS and Morena, to the unison shout of ¡Rocha, Rocha, Rocha, or Químico, Químico, Químico !! The applicants arrived at the main temple where each one took their seats to wait patiently for the truncheons in their support to cease and to begin the formal ceremony.

In his message, Chemist Benítez said he was happy because there is little time and a few days until the end in Sinaloa of an outdated regime with more than 70 years in power because Rubén Rocha Moya will arrive.

He promised that in his second term he is going to turn Mazatlán into the most important tourist port in Mexico, Latin America, and, why not, the world.

“If you give me the vote and my colleagues, imagine just a president of the Republic of Morena, a Governor of Morena-PAS, a municipal president of Mazatlán de Morena if having a PRI Governor, we made the transformation that we did, without the resources for the Covid, imagine what is coming for Mazatlán ”, he calculated.

For his part, and to end the event, Rubén Rocha Moya assured that this campaign has already been won, documented by surveys, the statistics that Chemist Benítez will repeat in Mazatlán, as well as the candidates for local deputies for the different districts, as well with a new deputy, who is Juan Carlos Patron, in the 23rd district.

He said that this time his adversaries will not be able to buy votes because the businessmen are not going to give them money “the businessmen will not put good money into the bad, because they know they are going to lose,” he said.

He anticipated that his government will not lie, will not betray or rob the people.

“We cannot do it because by attacking corruption in Sinaloa, we are going to have money for many things that are not done now. First, we are going to order the budget; now the resource is spent on frivolity, to manage the image of the ruler one thousand 500 million pesos are spent, that money will go to works and to those who want to get beautiful that it costs their money and not the resources of the people, “he issued.

The licensed senator invited all Sinaloans to come out early next Sunday, June 6, to cast their vote in favor of the candidates of the Fourth Transformation.

With this proselytizing act, the leading candidates in the elections on June 6, close the campaign for the municipalities in the south of the entity.

Also present at the grand event was the president of the Sinaloan Party, Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, the former baseball player, Juan José Pacho, Senators of the Republic of Morena, as well as local deputy candidates from both parties and the Labor Party.

The Secretary General for Women of the CEN de Morena, Carol Larriaga, was also a special guest.

It should be noted that the event was developed with all the Covid-19 prevention guidelines, already known taking care of the smallest detail so as not to put the attendees at risk, where in the end it concluded with a party of multicolored lights and pyrotechnics.


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