Woman dies after being caught in crossfire during a shoot out in Mazatlan


It was confirmed that the victim had just finished working; inside the car in which he was traveling they carried containers with food that was left from a banquet

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The new event that has shocked Mazatlán and that left a deceased woman as a result, is being investigated by police authorities of the port. 

This morning, Erika finished her working day as a banquet organizer for events, when a stray bullet was the result of a confrontation between police officers and suspected criminals. 

The bullet that took the life of the 42-year-old woman went through the trunk, the seats and reached her back, causing a serious wound

The events occurred in the area of ​​the Navy and the Mazatlán League when they had just passed a police checkpoint established as part of the active operations to reduce the growing crime wave in the port; seconds later, the detonations of firearms began and the bullet that took his life reached his body. 

The driver of the unit then undertook a different race, no longer for fear of confrontation, but to save Erika’s life, who unfortunately did not arrive alive at the Conchi hospital, and was declared dead inside the Grand I10 compact vehicle. 

Source: debate.com.mx, lineadirectaportal.com

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