Two vast forest fires ignite in Sinaloa


The first fire was registered in the receivership of Cuitaboca, apparently already controlled and the second in the vicinity of Santa Magdalena

Sinaloa.- Two vast areas of the mountains of this municipality burned for approximately three days and one of them apparently has not yet been controlled, which is why the support of the federal authorities is being requested, the director reported. of Civil Protection Manuel Álvarez. 

The official revealed that the first claim was in the community of El Ranchito, a receivership of Cuitaboca, where an extensive territory of pine and juniper was consumed.

He explained that after the efforts made by residents and personnel of the agency under his charge yesterday, the fire had been practically controlled in that area.

However, the flames also broke out in the vicinity of Santa Magdalena, towards the other end of the mountain range, where until yesterday they were still on the lookout and had to request support from the Secretariat of National Defense to control the situation as soon as possible.

Although he said he did not have the exact extent of vegetation that had been consumed by the flames in both areas if it was a vast territory generating serious damage to the environment.

He stressed that these fires were apparently caused by the disassembly work carried out by the ejidatarios.

The group of routes in motorcyclists Enduro Maduro sent the images after the trip they made this weekend where they found all the areas burned by the forest fire in Cuitaboca, Sinaloa.


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