Planning An Amazing Foodie Road Trip In Mazatlan


Road trips are about to become very popular this summer, particularly in the United States and Mexico. According to data gathered by a social media analytics company, it was recorded that on April 29, road trips were mentioned over 30,000 times on Twitter out of the 1.6 million travel-related conversations on the platform. Going on a road trip is an amazing way to travel, as not only do you get to do more activities, but it also enables you to experience the food culture of your chosen destination. And when it comes to food, nothing comes close to Mexican cuisine, which is why a foodie road trip in the country should be on your travel plans this year. If you’re passing by Mazatlan in Sinaloa, here’s how to plan the ultimate foodie road trip in the region.

Eat seafood dishes at top-rated restaurants

Before heading to Mazatlan, it’s important to prepare well for your journey at least a month before your road trip. Get a new or used vehicle that is spacious enough for the number of people who will be joining your trip, and if you’re getting a used car, make sure it can handle long drives for a smooth and hassle-free experience. If you’re coming from the US, have your passport and necessary papers ready, making sure that everyone in your party has the proper documentation to prevent any problems once you get to the border. 

To start your foodie road trip, aim to visit some of the top rated restaurants in Mazatlan. Since the region is known for its seafood, make sure to order seafood dishes, such as shrimp aguachile from El Sinaloense. If you love mango and seafood, there’s fresh mango tuna tostada from Mariscos El Torito. Pair your food with fresh juices or a bottle of cerveza. 

Try some Sinaloan food from roadside stands

Some of the best food can be found on roadside stands in Mazatlan, so be adventurous and try famous roadside eats such as Sinaloan-style grilled fish and fish ceviche. If you love shrimp, there’s pate de camaron, which is shrimp pate served with crackers – it’s perfect when paired with wine or a bottle of ice cold beer. There’s also asado mazatleco, which is a dish made of cubes of deep fried steak, potatoes, fresh vegetables, and tomato sauce. 

Make room for tacos

Before leaving Mazatlan, make some room for Tacos gobernador, which can be found in various restaurants and on roadside stands. Named after a Sinaloan governor, this taco consists of shrimps, cheese, onions, tomatoes and coriander wrapped in a warm tortilla. They’re great as a snack, but they’re also filling enough to serve as a complete meal. 

Mazatlan has some of the best seafood dishes you can find in Mexico. Try these specialties and delicacies while on your road trip, and enjoy the best food that the region has to offer. 

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