Mazatlán Por El Arte (MAAR) Announces Series of Talks for May 28


It is in order to offer economic-social alternatives

Mazatlán Por El Arte (MAAR) is a civil association of Mazatlán founded in 2019, which was born from the initiative to make the artists of the port known to the Mazatlan citizens because they are not known due to the lack of spaces and forums in the City dedicated to art.

Jorge Birrueta, one of the members of MAAR, announced that a series of talks will be held, in order to offer economic-social alternatives to make it viable to live from art and bet on investing in it, since, according to says Sarahí Tirado, one of the invited speakers, it is of utmost importance for the cultural development of the port and in this way to get more people to know and get involved in the artistic field.

“Mazatlán has the potential to not only be sun and beach but to generate its own income in culture. That there is a tendency towards diversity, such as first-rate galleries and museums. Politicians speak of first-rate tourism, so to achieve it you have to invest in it, ”explained Sarahí.

To learn about the talks and their respective speakers, you can enter:, these will be taught through the Zoom platform.

On the other hand, they will also feature the dramatized reading “Season of Deer”, by Manolo Díaz and Ángel Ledón, which was selected to perform in New York City. The ticket will cost 99 pesos and will be presented on May 28 at the address Constitución 207, Historic Center, with limited space.

For more information we leave you their social networks:
Facebook: @MazatlanPorElArte
Instagram: @mazatlanxelarte


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