Sinaloa style chicken Pollo Vergas opens in CDMX


The new facet of Don Vergas arrived in the Mexican capital with a lot of chicken, cold beers and a band from Sinaloa on top.

The newest concept linked to Don Vergas is a chicken paradise in CDMX. In Don Vergas and Sinaloa band music abounds, cold beer and, of course, the roast chicken that comes with home-style sides reminiscent of a popular party outside the capital.

After Don Vergas Mariscos was a resounding success in CDMX – first within the San Juan market, in the center of the city.

and then at its fixed headquarters in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood – Luis Valle, the creator of the concept, decided to open a new restaurant where you could eat as in Los Mochis, the place where he was born.

“In Sinaloa, we eat roast chicken every week, at least one day. The rotisseries are very common, so we identify a good seasoning and a good atmosphere to eat and pistearPollos Vergas is just that: the idea is that the prices are accessible to everyone, that the sides are like the ones you would find at the XV-year party of one of your cousins, and that you can have chela at ease while listening to music or watching a football game, “he assures.

Photo by Ollin Velasco.

Chickens, chickens, chickens

The menu of the new Don Vergas project is short and winning. Basically: you can choose between regular roast chickens (either whole, half, or quartered) and the specialty Pollo Vergas ( featuring homemade red chili sauce). There is also flank steak, for the most carnivores, and grilled Sinaloan chorizo.

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According to Valle, who most people identify as the real Don Vergas, a very common Sinaloan practice is to shred the leftover chicken from a meal to turn it into a new recipe. In Pollo Vergas there are, following this line of home recipes, golden tacos, flautas, salad, a cake (unmissable), and a burro. Everything has chicken. Everything goes perfectly with the raw spicy tomato sauce. Everything comes in ideal portions so you don’t fill up so quickly and keep asking for different things.

Photo by Ollin Velasco.

The sides are varied (and yes, they remind you of what you would find at a quinceañera party table): cold elbow soup, roasted potatoes, pork beans, red rice, chicken consommé, nopal salad, roasted onions, guacamole, toreado chili peppers, and homemade flour tortillas.

Happy ending craving? You can order rice pudding, dulce de leche wrap and mosaic jelly.

The ratatouille

We do not know what is bigger in Pollos Vergas: if the kitchen or the bar. Without a doubt, going to eat at that place implies leaving with at least two very cold beers on the bill. However, you cannot miss the cocktails created by Limantour: Tequijicachili (with tequila, jicama, and chamoy granita), Chicken Tonic (with gin and fruit tisane), Pollona (mezcal, ginger, tamarind, and grapefruit soda), and the Manila Gallina Ice Ice (tequila, passion fruit, mango, guava, and chamoy).

Photo by Ollin Velasco.

From bar they also offer carajillos, mojitos, margaritas, negronis, mimosas and beers even in loggerhead format. To drink alone there is tequila, mezcal, rum, vodka, whiskey, digestives, agua frescas, and coffee.

The atmosphere in the restaurant, to which local office workers arrive as well as passers-by attracted by the yellow walls and the huge cartoon of a chicken with a hat on the entrance awning, is always relaxed: very Sinaloan and very chicken.

In the end, a chick on a string takes the score for you. Waiters always joke that the toy decides whose turn it is to pay the bill. The best part is, seriously, the prices are reasonable. Los Pollos Vergas lives up to its name. You sure come back.

“There is nothing better than a meal that reminds you of home. It doesn’t matter if you come hung over or not, here we take care of you and make you feel good and pampered from the first michelada and the first taco, ”says Valle.

Our favorites

The chicken cake and the cold loggerheads.


Try to make a reservation

Fun fact

The chicken cartoon at the entrance is inspired by Luis Valle.

Where: Río Nilo 75, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX.

Average check: $ 300 per person.

IG: @pollosvrgz 


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