The record for the BIGGEST taco in Sinaloa is broken


EL VERDE, Concordia, Sinaloa

With 15 meters long of the delicious flavor, this morning the record for the largest taco in Sinaloa was broken in the El Verde syndicate.

From an early hour, the staff of Taquería Playa Sur de Mazatlán prepared this delicacy in the land that gave birth to the traditional roast beef taco that today distinguishes Sinaloa.

The event was attended by the Senior Official of the Concordia City Council, Juan Carlos Morán, as well as the President of the organizing committee, Chiquis Osuna and the Lizárraga Lizárraga couple, made up of Messrs. Raquel and Jorge, owners of Taquería Playa Sur.

In his message, Mr. Jorge Lizárraga thanked those present that his brand was in charge of making this taco, in turn he said he was proud to be originally from the cradle of El Taco El Verde, in addition to being visibly excited, he asked for applause. to heaven for his son Jorgito who was a great promoter of his business.

At the end of this event, the attendees were able to taste the rich flavor of the tacos accompanied by barley water as well as the sauces that distinguish this town.


The Mazatlan Post