Unique things to do in Mazatlan, Mexico Edition #1


By Blondie in Mexico

All things Unique in Mazatlán that I find I will documenting for all of you to enjoy.

Come along with me and a few friends as we check out a brand new thing in Mazatlan, Mexico!! The Bichola Brewery 🍻 has started beer bikes. Such a fun cool concept. We peddle along the Malecon, while drinking draft beer from the Bichola Brewery as Aldo the bartender/guide pumps loud music ( he had every song we requested). This can be a straight party activity or you can have a tour guide experience. Joshua is the DD ( Designated Driver) so you can enjoy as much of the craft beer you’d like.

But a heads up they tell you that the pedaling. powers the motor…..its not a joke lol. We found out the hard way. Watch to see if we made it back…..yes we ran out of juice haha.

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