Mazatlan will review access to the beaches after a fatal accident


The inspection is the result of the unfortunate death of an elderly woman, whose body was left on the stairs that lead to the beach.

Mazatlan.-  After the death of a woman who fell into one of the concrete accesses, the Mazatlán Municipal Public Works Department will inspect the conditions of the entrances to the beaches.

Daniel Tirado Zamudio, head of the municipal agency, acknowledged that what happened warrants an inspection at the entrances to the bathing areas to determine the state in which they are.

They would repair accesses

He said that the accesses to the beaches are fine, but if they find any deterioration, they will immediately proceed to repair them to avoid incidents that could be related to the conditions in which these entrances are found.

“We are going to inspect each of the elements to see what state they are in and if any need to be repaired, we will proceed as necessary.”

The municipal official assured that he does not know the last time that accesses to the beaches where maintained so that the results of the next inspection will be taken into account. 

He acknowledged that because they are durable structures, the entrances that connect to the bathing areas do not require constant attention. 

The death of the woman, who was identified as Elizabeth N, 60, occurred on April 29, on Del Mar Avenue, 100 meters from the Monument to the Family.

They will improve views

Tirado Zamudio mentioned that in addition to reviewing the access to the beaches, they will maintain the small accesses that are along the boardwalk.

The attention, he pointed out, is due to the effects caused by the salinity produced by the sea breeze, which has affected the metal structures that were installed as a result of the rehabilitation of Del Mar Avenue, after the Tianguis Turístico Mazatlán 2018.

Tirado Zamudio specified that the Municipal Public Services Directorate is the one empowered to attend to the conditions in which the boardwalk is currently found.

Due to the state of the boardwalk, he denied that it is being dropped as a result of not receiving the maintenance it requires to avoid further damage in the long run.     


The Mazatlan Post