La Roosevelt project located in the Mazatlan Historic Center announced; What is it?


Isabel Toledo’s dream today began to be fulfilled when she announced her project called La Roosevelt, located in the Historic Center of Mazatlán.

Isabel commented exclusively for Sinaloa Online that since she was young she has been passionate about art and hospitality service alike, she always dreamed of having a boutique hotel with an art gallery, since she has been collecting art pieces and courses for years.

“I projected this dream since I was 15 years old and when you want it, it comes true,” she commented to a group of guests.

But what is Project Roosevelt?

It will be a cultural space, for social gatherings, offering the opportunity to live the experience of staying in one of the Artdeco mansions with great historical value in old Mazatlan built-in 1933.

“This mansion will have commercial spaces intended to house an art gallery and a boutique hotel, as well as restaurants, bars, and cafes ”, she explained.

Other services that the Roosevelt Project will offer, Isabel Toledo mentioned that the construction of two bungalows or any business that goes with the boutique concept is projected.

For Isabel this is her commitment as a visionary and entrepreneur, so she believes in her city, which is Mazatlán, and says she is not afraid to bet on projects of this type.

The Mazatlan Post