Man executed outside the Sports Center in Mazatlán


The victim presented several impacts from a short weapon and was lying next to a white truck in the parking lot of the sports car.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A real estate consultant was shot to death moments after leaving the Sports Center of the Real Pacífico subdivision, one more person was unharmed.

The victim identified as Daniel “N”, 41, was lying next to a white Honda CRV pickup which had a handgun impact on the glass of the left door, presumably the wounded man got out to save himself but was finished off.

Witnesses mentioned that at least five detonations were heard, moments later those responsible fled to the north, unofficially in a van.

Municipal Police agents arrived at the site to implement a security operation, they were joined by agents of the National Guard and elements of the State Preventive Police, for their part, Mazatlán Veteran Firefighters provided medical attention to the attacked and reported the unfortunate death, the area was cordoned off to preserve evidence.

Grupo Apolo de Investigación and experts from the Prosecutor’s Office were in charge of processing the scene to later order funeral employees to collect the body of the victim and transfer it to Semefo where the procedure of delivery to his family would begin.



The Mazatlan Post