Sinaloa entrepreneurs ask politicians for fiscal support and incentives to invest


Also, in the case of Mazatlán, they demand that condominiums and vacation rental houses be regulated.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Real incentives that help businessmen not only to recover from this pandemic but also to invest in other municipalities of the entity that are not only in Mazatlán, is what the employer sector of Sinaloa asks of the candidates of different positions of the popular election that want to win the vote of the private initiative.

For this reason, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, secretary-general of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in the port, regretted that in the state capital there is no support for new investors to raise businesses, so he considers it important that in the north also this economic development is generated.

“They have been lost, Mazatlán today represents 50 percent of the investments in 2020 and many investments that went to Culiacán went to Mazatlán and because I live in Mazatlán does not mean that we are in favor. But I think that in Sinaloa we are a state that if we do well on one side, we all do well. In other words, in the end we are entrepreneurs in Los Mochis, Culiacán or Mazatlán, in the end we are the same ”.

In the same way, he asked the governments themselves to respect the law, since they allow businesses to grow that remain in the informal sector; such is the case of vacation apartments that receive direct payment without paying the various taxes that even the government stops receiving.

“What we also want is to have a level floor. Right now, for example, Mazatlán has more than 5,000 units of condominiums and houses. And in this sense, because we realize that many people no longer do it even through digital platforms, but charge directly. So it is an unfair competition to which the government has not yet entered the issue ”.

The businessman also added that those who rent condominiums not only do not stop paying Lodging Tax or Payroll or Income Tax; They also have electricity subsidies and domestic rates that do not generate the same expense as a hotel.

Finally, he clarified that it is not against citizens having this type of business, as he reiterated that the precise call is for them to be regulated.


The Mazatlan Post