Sinaloa supermarket worker asks for support to get vaccinated


Almost a year after Don Abel, a worker from a supermarket, was supported by the citizens with supplies and money for medicine for his wife, the man does not lower his guard and continues working hard to support his family.

This man had a very hard time getting through the pandemic, he knew many people who got infected, died and others managed to survive from the virus.

“I just entrust myself to God and let it be what he wants,” said Abel Ramírez de la Cruz every time he leaves his house.
But even though Don Abel signed up to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, he is still waiting for the call from the health authorities.

“I am not for or against the vaccine, if God wants to take me, let him take me. I thank God my wife is OK now, after monthly visits to the doctor, now are every two months so that makes me very happy and calmer.

It should be remembered that last year Don Abel worked during the strongest days of the pandemic because his wife was very ill and she had to get money for medicines.

Don Abel confessed that every time he leaves his house to go to work, he says goodbye to his wife every morning with this phrase, “My love, I’m going with God and if I don’t come back I’m with him.”

Source: Sinaloa en Línea

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