Up to five thousand motorcyclists to Mazatlán was expected for motorcycle week


Although there will be no Motorcycle Week, some will begin to arrive this Thursday

Mazatlan, Sin.- Although this year there will be Motorcycle Week, lovers of motorcycles do have contemplated coming to Mazatlan on this Week of Easter, as they have traditionally done for two decades,

It was through the official account of the Legendary Motorcycle Week that the information was released, where it was explained that the sanitary conditions are not yet optimal to celebrate the maximum biker party, which was canceled.

“ Biker friend, a friend from Mazatlán who visits us every year to the Legendary Mazatlán Motorcycle Week, this year due to the provisions of the health authorities the XXV edition of the event will be postponed again, but if you decide to come to Mazatlán, we will have a coexistence For the pleasure of seeing each other, ”the statement reads.

The secretary of Moto Club Mazatlán, Iván Roque, clarified that no one has been summoned to attend and the motorcyclists who decide to come will do so at their own risk.

He estimates that there are up to 5,000 bikers coming from different parts of the country, such as Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Durango.

” The truth is that we do not have an exact number, the issue is because we have not convened, we have not made an invitation, but friends say ‘You know what, it’s worth cheese, I’m going to Mazatlan on my motorcycle like every year’ … but I do consider that a large number of motorcyclists will come, I calmly calculate that it could range between 3 and 5,000 motorcyclists, “he said.

Iván Roque stated that there will be no mass event, no concerts or parade but pure private activities for friends.

For his part, the Municipal Transit commander, Jesús Antonio Estrada Díaz, pointed out that they are prepared to receive motorcyclists who decide to come this Easter week.

He indicated that they continue with the operation and stressed that they have already heard that motorcyclists arrive at the port, so they will be aware of them since they cannot be prohibited from visiting the city.

Few motorcyclists arrive at the port

The head of Ángeles Verdes pointed out that the frequency of passage is two to four motorcycles per hour, although there are periods in which none passes.

Ricardo Picos Quintero, head of the Angeles Verdes road aid corporation in the southern area, pointed out that during this Easter week, where the Legendary Motorcycle Week is traditionally celebrated in the port, the arrival of motorcyclists has been very slow.

This 2021 is the second consecutive year in which this celebration has been canceled due to the pandemic. Although there will be no concert or parade or official event, the arrival of the bikers was expected on their own.

“It has been very slow, they have not looked like those caravans that appeared during motorcycle week, on our part we have been very attentive because we know that they as motorcyclists have two problems; one is the lack of fuel and the other unfortunately it’s the accidents, “he said.

The frequency of passage is two to four motorcycles per hour, although there are periods in which none pass, Durango and Guadalajara are where they have been arriving the most.

“Years ago we were talking about 50 motorcycles in a caravan, there were many who came and there were times when 100 motorcycles passed one after another and this year nothing to see,” he added.

Until today there has been no need to provide any attention, however, the corporation will remain alert because between Sunday and Monday will be the return of the bikers.

Picos Quintero recommended that the drivers of these vehicles take extreme precautions such as using the corresponding safety equipment and above all not driving at excess speed.

“That they do not play with their motorcycles, they know that they bring a vehicle, that they can say they have experienced, but it has been shown that there is no experience on the road for an accident to happen. They wear a uniform, a vest and they think it is enough; some They bring knee pads, others have helmets, but others do not, I think they only use it so that a security element does not attract their attention, “he recommended.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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