Hyde Hotels is going to give a thrust to the tourism sector in Mazatlan in the coming years


Hyde Hotels, Resorts and Residences is going to build the first Hyde hotel in Mazatlan. They are also going to build a series of branded residences in the town, the first of its kind in the entire Mexico. This is going to be a big boost to the tourism sector of the city, both in terms of revenue and employment, both direct and indirect in the tourism sector is considered. Hyde is a part of the Accor Group, a leading hospitality group well-known for building hotels and branded residences in various cities across different countries. Their style and design of construction is world class and they always attract large number of visitors, because of their ambience and hospitality.

Mazatlan can be considered to be an ideal destination for this Hyde hotel project as the city has grown into one of the leading travel destinations in Mexico. The city can boast of spirited culture and art scene which is really very vibrant.

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The above-mentioned project is being built in collaboration with the owner, Daniel Cárdenas Family. It is a reputed international agricultural company which is based in Sinaloa for more than 70 years and have got huge experience of exporting different kinds of vegetables to the Canada and the US. Accor has also recently announced that they are going for a planned venture with the Ennismore and that will create one of the fastest and largest growing lifestyle operators. The venture will also include this Hyde Hotel and Residences. Hence it is going to be a big shot in the arm of the tourism sector to the city of Mazatlan. Once such a big name and brand enters the city with business ventures, it has been seen that many supporting small businesses come up in and around the area creating more job and economic opportunities. Since they have around 70 years of experience in this business, they are expected to bring in reputed professionals and do proper marketing so that the business gets established in the fastest possible time.

The Mazatlan based Hyde Hotels and Residences is expected to start their construction in the later part of 2021 and is expected to start their operations by late 2023. The reputed construction company named Dakota Development is expected to give all the technical support and design of this huge 75,277 square foot property. The property is going to be sea facing with private beach access have been permitted up to 300 feet. We all know that sea facing residences always enjoy an added attraction and Hyde does not want to fall out of this advantage which the sea shore of Mazatlan offers. There are many leisure business travellers who want to spend a leisure weekend in some sea facing property. So, this sea facing class hotel is expecting to get tourists from other towns of Mexico, too.

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The hotel will offer accommodation for both business travellers and leisure guests. The hotel is expected to have 150 guestrooms, which include 22 suites. The project will also have around 50 one, two and three bedroom residences of premium category. Some onsite amenities are going to be created from the point of view of the hotel guests and residents in mind. There will be a pool facing the seaside waters where both the guests and the residents can take a dip. In addition to the above-mentioned pool facility, the project is also planning fitness facility which includes a spa. There will also a retail boutique having different attractive items so that the residents and the guests can always buy whatever they ask for. The items have to elegant and impressive so that it gets attracted in the eye of the guests and also the residents. All these decorative features are going to add an excellent attraction to the property, both to the guests in the hotel and also to the residents staying there.

The property is also going to have five dinning outlets. They are going to be a lobby lounge and bar, full-service restaurant, gourmet cafe, a specialty bar and a poolside grill. The guests and the residents will simply be thrilled by the dinning ambience and they can also invite guests and treat them at the above-mentioned bars and restaurants. The food and the ambience are going to be extraordinary and your guests will simply be thrilled to have their food here.

Chadi Farhat, the Chief Executive of the hotel, expressed his happiness by saying that they are extremely delighted to continue their international growth in their hotel brands by doing collaboration with Accor. He personally thanked the Daniel Cárdenas Family for extending the support. The project also got tremendous support at the Government level from the State Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and also the Tourism Secretary Oscar Pérez Barros.

Daniel Cárdenas also expressed his gratitude by saying that he is very much pleased by working setting up an alliance with Accor. He has described Accor as the company which has a value for work ethics and integrity and has described the company as the best entertainment and lifestyle operator. This is going to be the first brand of Hyde in Mexico and they are sure that within a few years, this is going to be one of the best properties in the city of Mazatlan, creating hundreds of jobs and improving the lifestyle of the people of this city.

Considering the proposed architecture and the ambiance which they are going to offer, this hotel is also expected to attract many foreign tourists also to this city, making it one of the biggest foreign tourist attraction spots in Mexico.

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