Mazatlán Captaincy of the Port will verify 64 tourist boats documentation and security measures


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (March 27, 2021).- Prior to Easter, the Captaincy of the Port of Mazatlán supervises tourist and sportfishing vessels to verify that they have valid permits and licenses.

The altitude captain, José Enrique Mora Reyes, said that they will also ensure that they comply with the safety requirements for navigation and health.

He explained that during the week the boats in the catamaran area are checked, while on the weekends the Mazatlan marinas are visited, to check to see that they comply with the navigation requirements.

I reveal that in the port there is an approximate universe of 64 boats, including catamarans and passenger boats, as well as yachts, which must be supervised before starting the Easter holiday period.

There are 64 catamarans and passenger boats, which are checked in an ordinary way and so far everything is fine, all their documents are current.

Mora Reyes specified that the use of life jackets is mandatory on each trip, so there are instructions for the owners of catamarans and boats to transport them to Isla de la Piedra.

I point out that as part of the health protocols, service providers are asked to disinfect the safety equipment after each trip, in addition to respecting the healthy distance and capacity of the vessels.

He recalled that the operation aims to safeguard human life at sea, as well as avoid maritime incidents or accidents and the prevention of pollution on the beaches of the port.

Source: OEM

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