“The Agave Wonders Mezcal Tasting and Pairing Dinner” An event you cannot miss in Mazatlan


“The Agave Wonders Mezcal Tasting and Pairing Dinner” pays tribute to the agave and the culture of mezcal in Mexico.

In this one-of-a-kind experience, attendees will take a trip through Mexico’s most exquisite flavors, its Agave fields, its climates, its territory, and its culture.

Learn all about the denominations of origin of Mezcal, Tequila, and Raicilla. its regions, its processes, and most importantly the different types of agaves that exist in Mexico.

Man has domesticated the agave, harvests such as Espadín for Mezcal and Blue Webber for tequila are pretty common nowadays. But we have many types of beautiful wild agaves that we grow all across Mexico, ranging from a Madrecuishe, Cirial, Tobala, Papalometl, or Masparillo, just to mention a few, to jewels such as Tepeztate, Jabalí, and Cerrudo.

During the tasting, attendees will be briefed on the history of Mezcal in Mexico, the introduction includes music in Nahuatl and tales from Nahuatl mythology about mezcal.

We had already two previous tastings, the one on January 30 involved Raicilla, one of our Tequilas and a premium Mezcal. (Raicilla Saite, Tequila siempre añejo, and Mezcal Los Ocotales Madrecuishe); while the tasting on February 13 featured 3 premium mezcals (Caballo Viejo Mezcal Blanco, Caballo Viejo Mezcal Reposado and Mezcal Los Ocotales Madrecuishe).

But the best is yet to come, because the tasting that will take place on Saturday, March 13th will feature 3 premium mezcals. (Mezcal Caballo Viejo Blanco, Mezcal Los ocotales Madrecuishe Joven and Mezcal Caballo Viejo reposado).

In the tasting, the 3 mezcals are paired with 3 entries to enjoy, savor, and understand the flavor notes of each one of these three elixirs.

After one of our previous tastings, dinner included stuffed chile and shrimp fettuccine as the two main dishes. For dessert vanilla snow with coricos (which is a Sinaloan corn cookie).


Attendees will also have the privilege of tasting our wonderful “Agavos” agave beer. this delicacy’s main ingredients are agave and malt. Its notes are fresh and fruity, resembling a sparkling white wine with the scent of malt in the aftertaste.

Ths brand new product is really causing a sensation in Mazatlán. It has 4.5 degrees of alcohol.


Mezcal Caballo Viejo white has floral and fruity notes. And it’s from Zacatecas.

Mezcal Caballo Viejo reposado, has been aged for 9 months in white oak barrels and has notes of caramel, vanilla and almond. From Zacatecas.

Mezcal Los Ocotales Madrecuishe. Taste notes are fruity, mineral, floral and leather.

Jasmine flower, finishes with hints of wet stone and green agave in the mouth. From Oaxaca.

Note: all the mezcals in the tasting are premium and export quality, the product is 40 degrees and more (80 proof and more).

Mezcal cocktails are served throughout the event for all attendees to taste innovative and natural creations with the taste of agave, which is another of the wonders of this magnificent plant that highlights the flavor of each different cocktail.

The agave wonders will have its third date on Saturday, March 13 at 6 pm at Angelina’s kitchen restaurant. Address: Venustiano Carranza No.18 (behind Hotel Freeman) 82000 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Admission is $ 700 pesos, with a presale price of $ 650 pesos until March 5th.

Reservations at 669.250.5070 WhatsApp and 669.910-1596. You can make your reservation online at aylluclub.com and your tickets can be delivered to your address.

Source: aylluclub.com

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