Sports betting stereotypes


Do you want to make sports betting your main source of income? If the answer is yes, you need to know more of the truth about betting. At the initial stage, it may seem that betting success depends on luck and that it is easy to place bets. Don’t fall for such betting stereotypes.

Stereotype 1. Bookmakers are bad

There is a stereotype that bookmakers always try to cheat their bettors, but this is not the case. It’s just that sometimes people choose an unreliable bookmaker. If you choose 22Bet, then you will definitely not have such experiences. Register on the site, receive your bet bonus and place your bets!

Stereotype 2. It all depends on luck

Luck is a useful thing in the world of betting, and not only in it. If you’re lucky, that’s great. But do not rely on luck if you want to consistently make money on bets.

As soon as luck turns away from the player, he will empty his bank very quickly. After all, he does not have a betting strategy, he is morally ready only for victories, he chooses the amount of the bet at random, and does not adhere to any financial model.

Therefore, you cannot count on luck in the long run. It can both help to hit a big jackpot, and lead to ruin. The latter outcome happens more often. Insure your risks. Don’t just rely on luck.

Stereotype 3. Betting on favorites is the safest

When a tournament at some stage brings together a pronounced favorite and an outsider, novice players rejoice and rush to place a bet on the favorite. It seems to them that the win is guaranteed. They place bets on large sums and mentally figure out how to spend the money they won.

However, winning the favorite is another common betting stereotype. There are no guaranteed victories in sports.

Stereotype 4. There is a win-win strategy

You may have already studied the materials on how to make money on bets. And most likely, in response to the thesis from the title, you will say that there are win-win strategies – martingale and surebets. So is this not a stereotype at all?

Indeed, both of these strategies in theory allow you to always remain with profit. But this only happens on the pages of the tutorials. In practice, there are limitations that prevent you from using these strategies in their pure form.

Stereotype 5. Sports betting is easy

It may sound a little pathetic, but sports betting is hard work. It requires knowledge, analytical skills, concentration. You might get lucky a couple of times – you win. But over the long haul, the truth about betting is that without full immersion, you can’t earn a lot.