Mexico Scholarships for International Students in 2021-2022

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Lauren Bradshaw, a professional essay writer at, once said, “It is impossible to reach the goal when being passive. Only self-education and self-improvement give the desired results.” The academic writing expert worked hard to become a successful writer. She has obtained a master’s degree and tried herself in teaching and freelancing. She knows that it is hard to deserve a scholarship, but it provides many indisputable benefits. So, it is worth it.

Today, students from 180 countries have a chance to get Mexico scholarships. Students who want to study Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine compete to impress Mexican Committee. What are the benefits?

What Does Mexico Scholarship Cover?

What should a student expect from a Mexico scholarship? Due to it, a student will be able to enjoy the following benefits.

  • cost-free admission to a Mexican University
  • costless tuition in a Mexican University
  • money reward (stipend) every month
  • free medical insurance
  • free plane tickets to Mexico and back home
  • free student VISA to Mexico
  • 100% coverage of study tours and conferences
  • chargeless traveling within Mexican borders

Consequently, a foreign student has an excellent chance to enter a Mexican University, visit places of interest in Mexico, and get medical help for free. One should pay only for food and personal needs.

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Who Is Eligible for Mexico Scholarship?

Everything sounds great, but not everyone fits the requirements of the Mexican Admission Committee. What students are perfect candidates for Mexico scholarships?

  • Nationality. A candidate must not be a Mexican.
  • Limitations. 2 and more representatives of the same family (blood and marriage relations) cannot apply for scholarships.
  • Education. A candidate should have one of the following degrees – Doctoral, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree.
  • Rating. A person with a “D” and an “E” almost has no chance to get a Mexican scholarship. The Admission Committee evaluates students (from 0 to 100 points). GPA is going to be more than 80. If a person has a scale from 0 to 10, an average score must be 8.
  • Documents. Each document needs Spanish translation. If you cannot do that, you will have to turn to a translation agency. The translation is to be of high-quality, so it is better to ask a professional to do that.
  • Degree Requirements. A candidate must choose a program that corresponds to the demands of his or her country.
  • The Number of Allowed Courses. One person can select only a one-degree program. He or she must pay attention to the requirements of a specific degree program.

A candidate should provide only truthful data. AMEXCID (the Agency of International Development Cooperation in Mexico) can verify the introduced information. If the data is fake, a candidate will receive a rejection. One should look through the list of countries. There are countries such as the Dominican Republic and Slovenia whose applicants can send applications online. Others need to send hard copies of the required documents to the Admission Committee.

What Documents Should a Person Send to the Admission Committee?

Every country has requirements concerning documents and their formatting. First of all, a person has to send a motivation letter. This document introduces the reasons why a person has chosen Mexico and a specialty at one of its universities. A student might want to continue studies or conduct research. A motivation letter must consist of 2 pages maximum. It requires single spacing and Arial 12.

The next thing one should present is a study plan. It includes 8 important things.

  • passport name
  • a degree an applicant already has
  • achievements of a candidate
  • goals
  • expected outcome
  • learning objectives
  • changes one expects
  • positive characteristics and strengths

The next papers to add are a research proposal, copies of a passport or a birth certificate, 4 photos in an official style (white background), a commitment letter, a letter of acceptance, and a purpose statement.

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How to Become a Perfect Candidate to Get a Mexico Scholarship?

The most important requirement is that GPA must be not less than 80 points. This task is not an easy one. A student should work hard to get only “Bs” and “As”. Some students spend much effort and time to achieve the desired rating. They have to sacrifice their free time to study hard and succeed in tests, exams, and writing. Professionals give several tips that might be helpful.

Planning is a Great Idea

Nobody says that it is necessary to plan each second of your day. Nevertheless, a person needs to create an outline to cope with academic papers. This outline must contain all the necessary components of the paper, time frames, and details a student has to present in the academic assignment. Due to that, a paper will be of high quality and a student will finish it before the deadline.

Use Apps and Software to Spare Time

One can download apps that might help in daily tasks. These could be timetables, planners, various writing tools, etc. It is necessary to have a good plagiarism detector, grammar checker, and generator of citations to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Have Someone Who Can Help

If you want to get a Mexico scholarship, your rating is to be high and you should have merits. It is hard because college years are to be full of happy moments connected with parties as well. Professional paper writing companies might help you cope with essays, projects, thesis papers, dissertations, and other writing tasks. Due to that, you will manage to get ready for exams and spare time for private life.

So, Mexico scholarship is real but demanding. One must be patient and hardworking to get it.

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