Mazatlan hoteliers have good expectations for Easter holidays “Semana Santa”


It is expected to rebound up to 65 percent and will also depend a lot on the behavior of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The president of the Tres Islas Hotels Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, predicted for the Easter holiday period that hotel occupancy could reach 65 percent depending on the behavior of the Covid 19 pandemic.

“At Easter, hopefully, we will be at an average of 65 percent, it depends on how the pandemic evolves and how quickly the issue of the vaccine is arriving,” he said.

Manguart Sánchez added that these two issues are important variables in the decision of a trip.

“For Easter, yes, they already begin (reservations) people take their due anticipation to make the proper reservations and we recommend that people use formal mechanisms to make their reservation either directly at the hotels or at their agency travel ”, he added.

The hotelier explained that they make these suggestions because they offer customers guarantees and avoid setbacks.


The Mazatlan Post