We want the vaccine! Doctors from the IMSS Mazatlán demonstrate; then the National Guard arrives


Elements of the federal security body arrived at Hospital # 3 of the IMSS and intimidated the representatives of the media that were covering the peaceful demonstration

Mazatlán, Sin.- Elements of the National Guard arrived at the facilities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security No. 3 of Mazatlán , since there was a peaceful demonstration of hospital personnel, who are dissatisfied since they have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 .

The staff asks that they please apply the biological one to them, since they have contact with many people and, although they work protected according to the protocols, they do not know if the patients arrive infected or not.

It is worth mentioning that IMSS personnel threatened the media with taking them out with the elements of the National Guard, so when they arrived, they asked them what the media workers were doing in the place, to which the communicators answered that they went to the Call of some doctors, who invited them to make the information note of the demonstration.

At one point, an element of the National Guard began recording all the media personnel who were waiting for the staff to leave a meeting with the director of the hospital, Ramón Moreno Prado.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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