Mazatlan will regulate the emission of smoke and gases

Ventilation duct on building roof

Ecology will verify taquerías, rotisseries and ‘tatemaderos’, they will have to operate with an environmental license from April

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As of April, taquerías, rotisseries, “tatemaderos” and lamination and painting workshops in Mazatlán, as well as all establishments that emit smoke, gases, chemicals, vapors or any pollutant into the atmosphere, will have It must operate with a municipal environmental license, which will only be given to those who have chimneys and extractors, reported the director of Ecology and Environment, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo.

He said that verification tours will be carried out through the main avenues of the port where most of the taquerías, rotisserie, and “tatemaderos” are located to inform them of the new provisions of the Municipal Sustainable Development Regulation.

Between now and April 30, all businesses that emit smoke, gases, chemical particles, must have their municipal environmental license, we are going to start working with the main avenues, Gutiérrez Nájera, Insurgentes, Peche Rice, all the main avenues, there are establishments, and lamination and painting workshops ” , he said.

He indicated that establishments that do not have commercial land use will be asked to relocate since this is one of the requirements to obtain the municipal environmental license.

He commented that all the owners of this type of business will have to go to the Ecology Directorate to request their environmental license, since the term in the new regulation is until April 30.

He clarified that the municipality will not verify the large companies in the industrial sector such as Café Marino or Tostaditas Blancas, but those in the commercial sector since the former correspond to the Secretary of Sustainable Development of the State Government.

Ecology will verify that taquerías and rotisseries operate with tall chimneys and smoke extractors starting in April. 

“We are responsible for the taquerías, tamemaderos, smokehouses, lamination and painting workshops, all these businesses are obliged to come to Ecología, and we are going to do a taqueria verification by taqueria, to explain why it is necessary for them to have a fireplace with an extractor so that it does not affect the neighbors who live around it because we know that many taquerías are in the residential area ”, he pointed out.

Among the requirements, he added, is that the business have commercial or mixed land use, those that do not have it will have to relocate.

“I know this is going to hurt, but there are many places that are not inadequate land use and they are going to have to move, we are going to give them all the time in the world, but if they do not have adequate land use they do not they can grow, and the complaints will begin to arrive immediately ”, he concluded.


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