10 Tourists kidnapped near Ocosingo Chiapas


César “Aventuras”, a well-known “backpacker” traveler on social networks, published in his official accounts that he had been detained in the Abasolo Zapatista Community, near Ocosingo, apparently by an armed group.

Until the close of this edition, there is no official version of this fact, but on social networks, it circulated “We ask you to help us spread the word to have news of him as soon as possible, the young man published on his social networks yesterday that he had been detained by an armed commando, and so far we do not know anything about his whereabouts ”.

Several users have commented on social networks that, for several months, an armed group has operated on the Oxchuc-Ocosingo and Palenque section, in addition to the Temo-Palenque, Ocosingo-Crucero Temo points, and such is the case that two weeks ago it was the driver of a vehicle from a travel agency was detained, where the tourists managed to get away but the driver was extorted for more than 50 thousand pesos.

The name of the person who published the detention is César Vela and he is a “backpacker” who, for two years, has traveled knowing different places in Mexico, and it has transpired that the retention was derived from being in Zapatista territories without authorization, which caused the annoyance of the settlers and the retention of several people.

February 02, 2021
Ocosingo Chiapas

After a very thorough investigation with different security authorities regarding the kidnapping of the ten tourists in Ocosingo Chiapas, this communication medium managed to obtain accurate data from all that information that had circulated on social networks.

As it turns out that all the investigation carried out by the three levels of government and through the telephone records of this person and tourist media in the state of Chiapas, it was possible to have precise information from the citizen: Cesar Aventuras where it is indicated that this person was never kidnapped in the municipality of Ocosingo Chiapas and according to the investigation he never visited Ocosingo.

His stay was in San Cristóbal, Comitan, Las Margaritas, and later Playas del Carmen, so it was all an act to draw the attention of this person and somehow leave the municipality of Ocosingo Chiapas in a bad way.

The authorities are already continuing with the investigations, so that these types of events do not repeat themselves and that tourism does not move away from the Chiapas state, because these acts put the population on alert and in some way affect the image of the state and the municipality of Ocosingo Chiapas.


UPDATE From Cesar Vela

Good Morning.

Thank you all for your enormous support, family, friends, and good people from Chiapas. At the moment I cannot publish in detail what happened on my last day in Chiapas because there was a line of investigation.

I just want to say that I am not having a good time, but between what is possible I am in good health.

  • Just to clarify to various media that I did not say KIDNAPPING I said: THEY DETAINED and did not use the words ARMED COMMANDO I said: armed people and obviously I am in another state (I live in the Riviera Maya) but that does not mean that things did not happen on day 31.

  • I was banned from posting on the subject until further notice. But that does not mean that I have to put up with people’s rudeness, so if you want to download your frustrations on Facebook please don’t let it be here or I’ll be in dire need to block you, I’m a person with a super good vibe and I don’t want to wear myself out reading bad people.

  • From me, they will only have help and good vibes, the people who know me and the ones I have known lately know what I am talking about 😉

  • Thank you all, a thousand Thanks Chiapas.

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