272 days of construction are planned on Mazatlan’s Gabriel Leyva avenue


The remodeling work is scheduled to start on February 2 and finish on October 31, 2021

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The works that are carried out on the Gabriel Leyva and that will keep one of the main access avenues to the Center of the city of Mazatlán closed to vehicular traffic, will continue until October 31, 2021, according to to the call for bids for the reconstruction and modernization of said street, published in Compranet Sinaloa, with the number OPPU-EST-LP-083-2020.

Currently, the rehabilitation of sanitary and hydraulic infrastructure, between Juan Pablo II avenue and Héroes de Nacozari street, is being carried out by the municipal government, through Jumapam, whose works began on November 20 and has a term of 44 calendar days.

In the tender for the paving work with hydraulic concrete, in charge of the state government, through the Ministry of Public Works, the start date is established in the call for February 2 and its completion date for October 31, within 271 days.

The presentation and opening of technical proposals for interested construction companies is on January 11, 2021, and it is expected to give the ruling until January 18.

The reconstruction and modernization of the Gabriel Leyva avenue will be from the Juan Pablo II avenue (Juarez bridge) to the Margarita de Juárez street, at the height of the uneven bridge, in the direction of Café Marino.

Since last November 20, work has been done on the introduction of sanitary and hydraulic infrastructure on Gabriel Leyva avenue, between the Juarez bridge and Héroes de Nacozari street, which includes 4,282 linear meters of pipes for drinking water, with 66 household outlets, in addition to 5,891 linear meters for sanitation networks and 56 home discharges.

In January the rehabilitation of the avenue will begin. 

In these works an investment of around 160 million pesos is expected, of which 19 million 960 thousand pesos will be with resources from the Contribution Fund for Social Infrastructure, by the municipal government, and the rest, through the State Program of Works.

In the rehabilitation of the sanitary infrastructure of Gabriel Leyva, whose work is carried out by the company Omegain SA de CV, an amount of 10 million 133 thousand 566 pesos is exercised; and in the rehabilitation of the hydraulic infrastructure, in charge of Desarrollos GPAC SA de CV, 6 million 644 thousand 847 pesos are invested.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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