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Mazatlan’s Bus Terminal Increases Passenger Traffic by 80%

The general administrator of the establishment assured that they comply 100 percent with the health protocols and if they detect any symptoms, they call the Ministry of Health

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Another that was hit by the pandemic economically and that is already doing better in December, is the Mazatlán bus station, which registers 80 percent in daily runs in recent weeks, reported its general manager Álvaro Peña Towers. 

Who acknowledged that the situation has been complicated because at the beginning of the pandemic the service fell by up to 50 percent, and later in the course of the year its restoration had been slow until this month. 

The outlook is definitely not very encouraging, however, we are recovering. In the rhythm of what the pandemic has occurred, we have had a 10% recovery that rose to 120 runs, and currently, in this December period we are seeing a little more, we already bring 160 runs of the 200 that we had, and this represents 80% recovery for me ”. 

He assured that health protocols have not been neglected at the site, so much so that if a sick person is detected, he gets off the truck and is taken to a COVID cabin to check his symptoms. 

“We transfer him to the room and later the Ministry of Health begins its transfer protocol, we have the COVID platform if a person arrives with any symptoms or with COVID, parks on the platform and later that unit is sanitized like all our facilities that are being sanitized every day ”. 

He indicated that the routes that have had the greatest demand during the dates are the routes of Mexico City, Chihuahua, Tijuana, Durango, and Querétaro; in which the well-known discounts for students, teachers, and the elderly will continue to be applied from December 18 to Thursday, January 7. 

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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